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A Step by Step Guide to Understanding the Pyramid of Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

In 1943, an American Psychologist, Abraham Maslow, proposed that the physiological need of humans governs their decision-making skills. 1n 1954, Maslow published a book, Motivation, and personality, to define five basic steps of the Hierarchy of needs. Maslow’s Hierarchy theory is related to the organizational theory of motivation because it presents ways to increase human motivation. The formers define what people need, and the latter defines how needs differ among people. For example, for some people, the purpose of work is money, while others love to work to be respected by others. Told by experts of cheap essay writing services , this theory suggests ways to increase employees ‘motivation level by considering five needs; Self-actualization Esteem Needs Possessiveness and love Needs Safety Needs Physiological Needs Pyramid of Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Self-Actualization Needs: Self-actualization needs stand at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid, as shown in Figure 1. How