Factors Affecting Students' Academic Performance in Online Class

Academic Performance
The academic system has changed up to a great extent because of online classes. It has caused positive as well as negative impacts on academic performance. The academic performance changed dramatically. But the continuation of online classes was necessary. It was not a choice, so everyone had to follow the instruction. The compromise on closure of institutes is totally insane. So everyone went for the alternate of physical classes. No doubt, online classes have facilitated a lot in hard times. But if you see the overall effect of online classes on students' academic performance, it is almost negative. There are different factors that have contributed to negative academic performance. Let's discuss each factor in detail.

Internet Connection Issues:

For online classes, internet availability is the prime important thing. Without internet, you cannot go for any alternative. And if you have a look at any country, it has rural areas. In some countries, rural areas are even more than urban ones. In all contexts, students from rural areas suffer a lot.

So if you see the list of factors affecting academic performance, internet connection is at top. Also, if students have electricity problems in their area, they can use laptops, but poor internet connectivity is still an issue. And because of this, many students have to face disconnection issues again and again. These disconnections cause lots of negative impacts. First of all, it breaks the rhythm of learning. Most of time, students get frustrated and lose their motivation.

Another way to have internet access is to use mobile data. But again, it’s not very reliable. If your phone's battery is down, you will face issues. If your data ends during class, you will have to suffer. Maybe you have an important presentation of project. And during presentation, you lost your internet connection. It will be frustrating. At the end of every situation, the effect is on academic performance.

Lower Grades:

Because of online classes, students have to face issues in understanding many concepts. In online classes, students lack in-person meetings. Also, a random disconnection because of internet causes a break in the flow of study. This disconnection can be at the end of teacher as well as student. In both cases, the effect is on the academic performance of student.

In the same way, students have to face issues in their coursework writing tasks and get no one to provide them coursework help. Due to this, student ends up with lower grades. This has demotivated lots of the students.

Increase In Screen Timing:

We already have everything in online form. Same as shift of classes from physical to online have increased the screen time at a high level. Now, it is almost sleeping time when you take a break from screen time. This high increase in screen time has affected academic performance greatly. Half of the day, students use laptops for their online classes. After that, they again have to use laptops for their homework, assignment or project.

An amazing fact is that they use mobile phones for relaxation. Here they use social media, or they go for gaming. Because of high screen timing, most students suffer from mental health issues. It includes stress, frustration and permanent anxiety. And for students, the whole impact is on their academic performance. Under the stressed condition, no one can have good academic performance.

Reduced The Course Completion:

For good academic performance, completion of designed coursework is most important. In online classes large number of institutes faced issues in completion of courses. No institute can ensure students’ success and produce good engineers, doctors, or businessmen with incomplete courses. It does not matter what your degree is. In all subjects and degrees, a designed course has its value.

Nothing is most important, and nothing is least important. But every concept and aspect has specific importance in that particular field. For example, in MBBS, every part of humanity has prime importance. If you missed anyone, you cannot be a good Doctor. Same is the case with other fields.

The above-mentioned factors make it quite evident that online classes have a negative impact on academic performance. The impact of these factors can be minimised by planning coursework in an effective way.

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