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SCIE-Indexed And SCI-Indexed Journals: Which One Is Best For Your Research Paper?

When it comes to the time for publishing your paper, you have to choose a journal. You start wondering which journal is the best for submitting your manuscript. It is a difficult choice, and you need to make a wise decision while selecting the journal. Generally, researchers choose those journals that are relevant to their field. But you should publish your research paper in a journal that will make your work visible. And for that, you need a journal that has a good reputation. It would help if you were careful while choosing the journal for your research paper publication. Because a good decision will have a greater impact on the citation counts of your paper. First of all, the journal should be in the index of a notable electronic database. In short, you should know the difference between SCIE-Indexed Journal and SCI-Indexed Journal. This knowledge will help you in making the best decision within this context. This article aims to highlight the difference between SCIE-Indexed, and SC