SCIE-Indexed And SCI-Indexed Journals: Which One Is Best For Your Research Paper?

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When it comes to the time for publishing your paper, you have to choose a journal. You start wondering which journal is the best for submitting your manuscript. It is a difficult choice, and you need to make a wise decision while selecting the journal. Generally, researchers choose those journals that are relevant to their field. But you should publish your research paper in a journal that will make your work visible. And for that, you need a journal that has a good reputation.

It would help if you were careful while choosing the journal for your research paper publication. Because a good decision will have a greater impact on the citation counts of your paper. First of all, the journal should be in the index of a notable electronic database. In short, you should know the difference between SCIE-Indexed Journal and SCI-Indexed Journal. This knowledge will help you in making the best decision within this context. This article aims to highlight the difference between SCIE-Indexed, and SCI-Indexed Journal. It will guide you about the best option for your research paper publication as well.

SCI-Indexed Journal:

SCI stands for Science Citation Index, published by International Scientific Information. ISI is a part of Thomson and Reuters. Eugene Garfield created it in 1964. It was the first citation index of scientific papers published within the academic journals. SCI stores information on the publications of every scientist. It also has links to their research papers, which share the citations of their work. It is quite helpful in the aspect of conducting a literature review.

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One can find papers with ease referenced by scientists. This is because citation indexing of articles has standardised the literature. The citation index helps students avoid citing disputed data. SCI journal’s citation index has useful links to the opinions of researchers on the paper. Research paper writing help experts in asserting that SCI journals comprise of most highly cited journals. They have the highest impact factor. This is why SCI journals are the considered elite journals.

Selection Criteria of SCI:

Science Citation Index uses the following selection criteria for selecting journals.
  • Journals should be objective.
  • They should have a dynamic collection of papers.
  • Journals should have the best editorial, and peer-review practices.
  • High citation journals that have a higher impact in their relevant filed.
  • Objectivity, and Impartiality in the Selection of Journals

A team of Web of Science Editors performs the selection process. This team has no affiliations with any publishing house, or research institutions. This practice ensures that the selectors have no biases, and that they are impartial as well. The team makes compliance reports of selected journals. It ensures that the journals follow the best rules.

SCIE-Indexed Journal:

SCIE stands for Science Citation Index Expanded, launched by Thomson & Reuters. SCIE is a larger version of SCI. It contains more than 9,200 prestigious journals. It also consists of 178 disciplines from 1900 till the present time. The information stored on both journals is similar, but there were two databases initially. You can find all the journals of SCI in the SCIE database. But some journals of SCIE are not available in the SCI database. Another difference between SCI and SCIE-Indexed Journal is that of storage. This is because both databases follow the same selection process.

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SCIE is stored online, whereas SCI’s storage media is in the CDs/DVDs. In essence, SCIE is the web version of SCI database. The selection criteria for SCI and SCIE are essentially identical, so your research paper will have the same quality throughout. But there is one major difference that you should be aware of. Science Citation Index Expanded covers every scientific journal. Science Citation Index contains those journals which have a higher impact factor. Yet this does not mean that there is a difference in the quality. It is only because of the different storage capacities of SCI, and SCIE.

SCIE-Indexed Journal Enlists Across The Following Disciplines:
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Applied Sciences


Publishing your paper in an indexed journal is essential for your research papers. An indexed journal has a significant role in exposing your work. These days, researchers prefer to access literature online. A successful journal is indexed in an online academic database. An indexed database has a significant impact on overall quality of the journal. An indexed database journal simplifies the research collections and reduces overlaps too. It enhances the flow of scientific information. SCI database’s practice of storing the data of every scientist is useful in keeping track of their work.

The entire records of scientific ideas are stored in these databases. This way it becomes easy for scientists and researchers to get help from the opinions of others. It is also convenient for them to build their ideas consistently. Now you know that there are only minor differences between SCI and SCIE-Indexed Journal. The only difference lies in the storage capacity; however, both databases have the same quality of journals. Through this article, it will become more convenient for you to choose which journal is best for the publication of your research paper.

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