Importance of Time Management during Dissertation Writing Process

Dissertation writing process

Some students believe a full school year is enough to complete a dissertation. Do you also think like this? If yes, then you are wrong. The academic year passes very quickly. You will not realise how quickly the time will pass, and you will need to submit your dissertation. If you keep wasting time and do not work on your dissertation writing process, you will fail your dissertation. To save yourself from this embarrassment, managing time effectively from day one is imperative. Many students undermine the importance of time management. It is why today’s article is about explaining the importance of managing time. Hence, let’s begin with today’s discussion with the question below: 

Why is it important to manage time during dissertation writing? 

A dissertation is a lengthy, complex, and challenging academic writing task. It is important to manage time effectively to earn the grades you have always desired. Without this, failure is on the way. A brief description of the points that highlight the importance of time management during the dissertation writing process is as follows: 

1. Less stress 

Managing your time reduces your stress level. When you have assigned a specific time slot to each section of your dissertation, you do not need to worry anymore. In fact, the confidence level goes up. You all know that good time management means meeting the tight deadlines which have been giving you nightmares. Less stress enhances your productivity and dissertation writing ability. Therefore, managing your time to lower your stress level is important. 

2. Better work-life balance

One of the most important benefits of time management is a better work-life balance. Sometimes, the PhD students also have a family to care for, and you must give them proper time. Maintaining a healthy balance between your writing task and family is important. Students can only maintain this balance by managing the dissertation writing process effectively. 

3. Do more in less time 

Proper time management allows you to do more in less time. It allows you to be more efficient and productive because you control your time. You can also focus better on the important tasks by giving them more time than they actually require. Imagine a person working on his dissertation and using his phone too. Also, imagine another person who is concentrating on his work only. The latter discussed person would do more in less time. 

4. Less procrastination 

You may have often overcommitted the deadline of your dissertations. It is called procrastination in psychology. Effective time management during the dissertation writing process does not allow you to procrastinate. It is because you have already set a timetable and your deadline by giving a specific time to each section. Therefore, time management does not allow you to procrastinate. 


Working on a dissertation is a very difficult task. Its length and ups and downs can give you nightmares if you do not manage your time properly. Therefore, it is important to manage time as effectively as possible to complete it. Some points that highlight the importance of time management are mentioned above. Take a look at them and make your dissertation writing process easy.

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